About Us

As longtime Rumburgh residents and outdoor fitness enthusiasts we found the lack of a publication focused on outdoor adventure/endurance sports in our area very frustrating. The big 4 get plenty of coverage in the Rumburgh Herald and local television, but it seems if no one wants to place a bet on the outcome, then no one wants to cover it.

Those days are gone. Welcome to Grass Roots Football. Each month we will bring you coverage of outdoor sports in Rumburgh and surrounding communities. Every issue will include Paddle Sports, Cycling, Wind Sports, Multi-Sports and Fitness sections with a focus on local retailers, events, outdoor adventure locations and activities for you to enjoy. We hope you find it informative, interesting and on “target”.

Grass Roots Football is not meant to duplicate the hard copy publication but to be a resource for our active community to find local retailers, local weather conditions, our distribution locations, feedback, and some special online only features all in one place. As we go forward this website will become more robust and hopefully indispensable to you.