5 Reasons Why You Have To Try Bubble Football

There’s new sporting activities coming to light everyday, so much so that with our ever busy lives we’re running out of time to try them out. Out of all of these new crazes bubble football is by far the best. The game involves each team member being being put into a zorb which looks a bit like this:493385-d41e3128-f5bf-11e3-ba3b-878da0800edb

And then attempting to carry out a game of football as normal. If you’re not convinced already here’s why you’ve got to try it.

To simply put it, it’s fun

What could be more fun than smashing into your mates as hard as you can whilst trying to play a game of football? Your opponent get’s in the way you just bump into them and problem solved. Now I know we’re all meant to have compassion and humanity but let’s face it when someone falls over we all find it hilarious and you won’t be short of a laugh if you have a game of bubble football. So the fun doesn’t stop due to faulty equipment, purchase some air compressor parts from Air Compressor Engineering to keep your Zorbs fully inflated.

It’s safe

In any game of football, injury can always be an issue. With bubble football the problem is solved. You can be knocked down, pushed over, barged through and the only consequence will be that you simply just bounce back up. Forget dirty tackles or someone going for your ankles because they simply can’t reach. Instead they’ll get knocked 5 feet backwards by your zorb. So you can safely play and just enjoy yourselves.

Competition doesn’t get in the way

With the game being so hilarious there’s not much attention being payed to the scoreboard. If you cut out a little bit of the competitiveness that you can see first hand from the side-line of Sunday league football there’s less arguments. That means you and the lads can enjoy a decent game of bubble football, and maybe a cheeky Nandos after.

Female and family friendly

All though I mentioned the lads earlier bubble football is in fact universal. That means anyone can play and enjoy himself or herself. Football is often dubbed a “lads kickabout” but with the sole purpose of the game aiming at knocking each other over than getting goals it really is just a recreational field day for everyone.

Great way to exercise without even noticing

If you’re having difficulty staying fit or finding a leisure activity then bubble football is perfect. You can have fun, run about with friends and just laugh. Meanwhile you’re losing a few pounds and building up stamina. Finally a form of exercise that isn’t a chore.

So now you’ve seen exactly why you’ve got to try it, why not go ahead? Bubble Football UK is a failsafe way of having fun.

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